Vall de Pop

According to the medical magazine Lancet Spain is the healthiest country to live in, and here in the Vall the Pop we enjoy very clean and pure air as well. What are you waiting for?


There is an abundance of activities in the valley around Jalon. Festivals, farmer markets, street markets and wine tastings. Would you like to visit the almond, cherry or orange and mandarine valleys? Furthermore, it will only take you a bit more than an hour to reach Valencia or Alicante, or, taking the opposite direction to get into the impressive mountain ranges.


Hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, enjoying great food, playing golf, racing, climbing, cooking, bird watching, swimming, snorkelling, karting, wine tasting, shopping, touring, olive or grape picking, resting, balancing…..

Costa Blanca

Within 30 minutes by car you will find yourself on a tanning bed at the beach. We are happy to point you to nice beaches away from Benidorm and Calp. Believe us, there are plenty!



This valley is booming and happening! Especially during the summer you will find parties everywhere. It’s hard to decide which one to pick and where to go … we are trying to visit as many local festivities as possible to be able to recommend our favourites to you.


Sandy and stony beaches, mountains, vines, forests, rock formations: it is so great to explore the area and discover its uniqueness on foot or by bike.

Cities and villages

We are surrounded by lovely villages with small but great restaurants, beautiful churches, rustic town centres and astonishing views. It goes without saying that we will share our experiences with you.
Day trips to Valencia, Alicante and Murcia are recommended as well.


Yes, we were surprised too! It takes a 4-hour drive to ski in Valdelinares.
Perhaps you’re interested in a relaxing stay with us before or after your skitrip?